17 July 2012

Camp fun...

On Friday I left Central with 20 students.  We went to Sky Ranch at Cave Springs - one of the prettiest camps I've ever been to!  The facilities were great, the workers were friendly and quality, and the creek and scenery was beautiful!

It was a weekend of firsts for me.  It wasn't my first time at camp - but it was my first time as a Children's pastor.  It was also my first time on a water slide, on a slip and slide (since I was a kid with the blow up kind in the yard), first time on the BLOB, first time on a zip line, the first time away from my kids...

We had a lot of fun, but I had to purposefully not call to check on the kids - after the first night I called because I heard there was a big storm, but when the sitter told me that Trace would randomly start crying that he missed Mommy several times...so I knew that if I called and heard him doing that I would start to cry.   The only time I've ever been away from Trace was when I was in the hospital having Alyssa - and I've never been away from Alyssa.  The kids did great though.

Ok - so the BLOB.
The creek water was a little chilly outside, like 64 degrees chilly on a 110 degree day.  Everyone suggested to me that the best way to get in the creek was to just jump in all at once - not to try and walk in.  Kyle suggested that I let him BLOB me...This means I sit on the end of this long tube balloon in the water and Kyle jumps off of a platform and with a little help from physics launches me in the air about 12 feet in the air. After this - I land in the water...

Now here's the deal.  I was prepared for the cold creek water.  I was prepared for how I was supposed to jump on the BLOB.  I was prepared to crawl to the end and wait.  I was prepared for Kyle to jump on the other end.  I was even prepared to be launched in the air.

What I was not prepared for - how to land in that very cold water.
Problem...I realized this about the time that Kyle was leaving the platform.  So when I was launched in the air I got a little scared.  This made me get a little...stiff, and by a little stiff, I mean I went as straight as a board.

Now this would have been fine had I gone in feet or head first.  I did not.  I went front first.  I'm calling this a BLOB flop.  One of the worst parts is that I realized it was going to happen about 2 seconds before I hit the water, which meant I had a few seconds to anticipate how much it was going to hurt.

And it hurt...it hurt a lot. My legs were beat red for hours after I got out of the creek...hours.  I even have a bruise across my left thigh that is the nastiest black and purple mark I have ever had.

When I came up out of the water I could still hear the people who watched groaning!  The life guard called down to check on me while Kyle swam over to me to apologize.  When I asked some of my students if they had seen me BLOB they answered, "No, but I heard the splash!"

There was something good that came out of all of this.
A flop of this magnitude comes with a great deal of pain...and with all the stinging, I never did notice how cold the water was....so there was that.

This was my splash at the end of the slip and slide...it was pretty much like a water slide, with less water.  It was pretty steep and really fun!  I was sad I only did it twice!  

It was a lot of fun.  Our kids had a great time.  I talked to several parents who told me this morning that their student said they wished they were still at camp today!  

Out of my 20 students - 10 of them had never been to camp before.  These were not all my little guys who could only go for the first time this year - I had big kids, 4-6th graders who had never been to camp before!  I had 5 calls/texts from parents checking on their kids.  I only had 2 who got a little homesick - and I think the homesick kiddos were more exhausted than homesick.  I sent no kids home, I had no one call home, and I really didn't have anyone upset for more than about 5 minutes.  

I also think for a lot of my campers, this was the longest they had been away from video games and tv screens.  This has definitely opened my eyes to how much of these things I am going to let my kids do. 

Speaking of my kids.  After the reunited hugs I got - I asked Trace what he did while Mommy was gone and he said, "Ms. Mandee played games with me, I ate a banana and I took a ride in an ambulance!"  
Which made ask Ms. Mandee about that ambulance, especially since he had a bandaid across his cheek!  The ambulance was the Playschool car that is actually a police car, but Trace likes to call it an ambulance (which I have seen him do before) and the bandaid was to keep him from scratching at a bug bite on his cheek.  

Alyssa was a bit cranky tonight - so she's already in bed, but Trace is enjoying some quiet time without sister stealing all of his toys, books, cups, lap space....

Oh yeah - Kyle kept his voice and I lost mine...that's cause I did all the awesome things like the zip line and he just swam in the creek the whole time! haha

10 July 2012

My lil' diva

It's official, I have a diva.  I didn't make her that way, but she is that way.  
This post isn't completely about her...but pretty close.

This pictures are from my FIL last week when Kyle's family was here...I haven't taken more than like 4 pictures since then...

Trace would put the baby in the basket, belt it in, cover it with a blanket, feed it carefully...
Alyssa - dropped it in...at least this time wasn't head first!  She loves her baby dolls, but she's not near as gentle as her brother!...she's also not as gentle with real people.  I promise to keep her away form real babies for a little longer!

Glasses in the pool...in a pink and zebra print swimsuit...then out came the diva

You talkin' to me?

It's all about the glasses!

Everyone else had fun, Trace cried 99% of the time he was in the pool...but he looked good!

...no words...

She's a collector.  This is her idea of fun, let me find all the balls and toys in the pool and hold them all.  Slightly reminiscent of a Golden Retriever we used to have...but cuter!

"Now where did I put those glasses?"


Even Kodi wanted a piece of her! haha

She has a serious side as well...

More serious...

beautiful and brainy

This is Daddy getting stuck in the fort that he built for the kids...

And brother...he's awesome too!

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